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RUBY JO WALKER, LCSW, Southwest Trauma Training

Support your client’s journey of expansion

Neurobiology Services

RUBY JO WALKER, LCSW, Southwest Trauma Training


How can you support your client’s journey of expansion? In addition to having the latest information on neurobiology, it’s a simple, profound truth that the more you work on yourself as a therapist, the more you can help your clients better themselves. With a gentle, fully supported, non-threatening approach, these formalized therapy trainings are designed to help you do just that by incorporating principles of attachment, neurobiology,  polyvagal theory, resilience, somatics, and mindfulness.


RUBY JO WALKER, LCSW, Southwest Trauma Training Consultation and Supervision Groups


Supervision groups are intended for practitioners who work with therapy or bodywork clients and are interested in applying neurobiology perspectives to their work, including polyvagal theory and somatics. If you are a therapist practicing mindfulness-based or somatic psychotherapies, or you have an interest in Hakomi or Somatic Experiencing and would like to engage expert supervision for this process, these supervision groups are an excellent fit for your personal and professional development. Bring your cases and questions, and we’ll gently explore options for working with various client presentations. My goal is for you to feel seen, heard, supported, and equipped to intervene with your clients in more innovative, compassionate ways.


RUBY JO WALKER, LCSW, Southwest Trauma Training psychotherapy


I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years and find that a somatic-mindfulness approach is the most effective and rewarding way toward healing and transformation. Our sessions together integrate Somatic Experiencing™  andOrganic Intelligence™ and are informed by the Hakomi developmental model, as well as my Post-Traumatic Growth Somatic Therapy model. I work from a non-pathologizing perspective and rely on the strengths of an individual's innate knowing and the inherent capacity to heal that is found in each of us.


RUBY JO WALKER, LCSW, Southwest Trauma Training

"Ruby Jo’s presentation on the 'Neurobiology of Trauma' was an incredible gift to our team. Her training style is engaging, informed, humorous, grounded, and deeply human. She embodies the concepts she teaches and shares them with audiences in a very caring and conscientious way. As such, Ruby Jo models the content she shares and helps guide those in her trainings in how they, too, can embody this knowledge and utilize it in their daily work with clients and within their own lives, as well. We highly recommend her trainings for those working in the field of trauma recovery and resilience.”

– Jennifer Stith, Executive Director, WINGS, Denver, CO 


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