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Information and practices to strengthen your resilience




(The links below access the pdf files. Then Save-As from your bowser to your computer to fill out and return.)



These exercises take 2-5 minutes and will help soothe your nervous system.​

  • 3-3-5 breath — a nervous system reset to practice anytime and many times per day  (2 min) 



  • Taking in the good — a way to shift our state and move out of “what is wrong” thinking (2 min



  • Self-compassion — a way to support loving kindness to oneself to shift states (5 min)



  • Mindfulness 2 min — a way to learn to be present



  • Mindfulness 5 min — a way to practice being present 



  • Gratitude — another way to begin to shift the physiology and attitudes (2 1/2 min)




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“As a licensed, board certified, psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, I’ve known Ruby Jo Walker for over ten years. She is one of the most skilled therapists I have ever worked with over my 18+ years in psychiatry. Her clinical knowledge and diagnostic depth are very strong, and she connects with clients that most others cannot. Her devotion to continuing education and being up-to-date on advancements in her field are exemplary. I frequently refer Ruby Jo to my most complex clients requiring not only a high level of knowledge and experience, but also a fearless heart to connect and work with even the most challenging clients. With her extensive experience, clinical knowledge, and dedication to her profession, I highly recommend Ruby Jo Walker as a supervisor.” 

– James Knight, APN, Durango, CO


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