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A refined process for transformative change


Over the last 30 years, I’ve developed a keen, compassionate eye for the many facets of the human condition and human behavior. The experiences my clients work through present like maps of their journeys, offering options for the most efficient travel routes to healing and profound growth. I see your journey as unique and entirely yours. Together, we will explore patterns you’ve developed throughout your life with an understanding of your nervous system, developmental adaptations, core beliefs, and attachment. We’ll carefully consider any wounding in a non-pathologizing way and nurture a deep understanding of what it will take to expand beyond your current state of being. 

I find that a somatic-mindfulness approach is the most effective and rewarding way toward healing and transformation. Our sessions together integrate my Post-Traumatic Growth Somatic Therapy Model, as well as Somatic Experiencing,™  Hakomi Mindfulness Somatic Therapy Therapy,™ and Organic Intelligence.™  These approaches are “bottom-up” therapeutic methods that apply mindfulness and body-centered techniques to create more integrative change. Experiences in somatic therapy alter the neural pathways for higher functioning and deeper, more profound work. Working mindfully with the body and the nervous system in this way changes the brain. As new neurological networks are built to support increasing responsiveness and ease, positive changes are wired in instead of something we try to remember or manage. You’ll expand, shift your core beliefs, and find more regulation in your nervous system from this place. 

I work from a non-pathologizing perspective and rely on the strength of your innate knowing and the inherent capacity to heal that is in each of us. As we open ourselves and learn to trust this natural capacity, we can learn to access and support this impulse of bigger change. You will have the support that is not just about managing symptoms but actually changing core beliefs and regulating the nervous system. You’ll learn simple, powerful, and effective self-regulating practices that can restore a sense of balance and calm and get effective support in shifting nervous system states of anxiety, depression, and other issues. This profound work alters how we perceive the world and the challenging situations that arise. You’ll discover increased resiliency, freedom, joy, and greater ease in life from this work.

If you are interested in exploring sessions with me, please contact me.

As a licensed, board certified, psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, I’ve known Ruby Jo Walker for over ten years. She is one of the most skilled therapists I have ever worked with over my 18+ years in psychiatry. Her clinical knowledge and diagnostic depth are very strong, and she connects with clients that most others cannot. Her devotion to continuing education and being up-to-date on advancements in her field are exemplary. I frequently refer Ruby Jo to my most complex clients requiring not only a high level of knowledge and experience, but also a fearless heart to connect and work with even the most challenging clients. With her extensive experience, clinical knowledge, and dedication to her profession, I highly recommend Ruby Jo Walker as a supervisor.” 

– James Knight, APN, Durango, CO

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“I have known Ruby Jo for nearly 25 years. She has always exuded warm, supportive and compassionate care. As a physician who sees a wide variety of patients, I have referred dozens to Ruby Jo over the years. They all give glowing accounts of their care and progress under her wise, nurturing guidance. Her work in body-centered therapy is deeply important and very effective.”
– Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, L.Ac., DiploOM, Durango, CO 


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