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Post-Traumatic Growth and Resiliency

One of the things that is really interesting to me is the concept of Post-Traumatic Growth. It is an understudied area, and it develops the potential for individuals to expand their capacity for growth and learning.

"Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.” --Peter Levine, Founder of Somatic Experiencing.

There is a beauty in watching people expand beyond what they thought possible. This is part of post-traumatic growth. Some ways growth can happen are:

  • Increased sense of purpose. I often see people transitioning into more meaning for themselves in life. Their own deeper life path moves to the foreground in an important and impactful way.

  • Greater appreciation of life. Gratitude comes as people become more present or more mindful in their lives.

  • Seeing new possibilities. What can break us open can also open us more to life.

  • Having increased intimacy in relationships. As we fully explore our trauma and discover our strengths, we do this alongside people who love and care about us; these relationships are often deepened through more authentic sharing and heart-felt communication.

  • More spiritual. Many people develop a deeper sense of real and connected spirituality as they journey through trauma recovery.

We will be exploring post-traumatic growth in the July workshop (two and a half days). I do hope you can join us. Look out for 3 more emails in the coming weeks that cover different topics to be addressed in the Integration of Trauma workshop.

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