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 Treatment of Sexual Trauma Using the Lens of Neurobiology

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Neurobiology trainings build understanding and compassion for human experience

 Treatment of Sexual Trauma Using the Lens of Neurobiology

OCTOBER 21 & 22, 2023

This 15-hour training will bring forth the most cutting-edge treatment for sexual trauma using the lens of neurobiology. Advances in understanding trauma can mean both more effective trauma treatment, but also promote prevention from further victimization.  The training will include basic neurobiology and its effect on behavior and emotions, as well as skills to support deeper levels of healing. In addition to identifying the ways sexual trauma affects clients, it will also include working more effectively with treatment of appeasement. 


For more effective treatment for sexual trauma clients, there will also be a presentation from Taber Powers, an expert in sex offender treatment and he will discuss sex offender behaviors that can affect victims/survivors. 


This training is for professionals and advocates working in the field of trauma wanting to acquire more skills for increased effectiveness with their clients. For more information, reach out to Ruby Jo Walker at


Time: 9am - 5:30pm with 1.5 hour lunch 

Credits: 15 CEU hours for Colorado, License number 989553 

Location: Fort Lewis College, Jones Hall 156, 1000 Rim Dr, Durango, CO 81301

Cost: Early Bird Pricing – $410 if paid by 2 weeks before training, by October 7.
Use coupon code EARLYBIRD40 for $40 off the regular $450 price.

Email Inquiries: Ruby Jo Walker at


Identifying areas of treatment focus and effective ways to address in therapy:

  • The role of neurobiology in sexual trauma responses and ways to support shifts (applied Polyvagal Theory) (maybe include link to pv page)

  • Restoration of neuroception (the body’s personal radar) for prevention of further sexual trauma

  • Strengthening boundaries using signaling in neurophysiology 

  • Understanding how re-enactment is connected to the nervous system and ways to support shifting this behavior

  • Restoring healthy fight and flight responses using applied Polyvagal Theory

  • Strengthening client to move from victim to survivor to thriver 

  • Understanding types of sex offenders and how they impact victims (From Taber Powers, Durango Counseling, LLC)

Doing this training is something I have been wanting to do for years.  I have been in the field specializing in sexual abuse and trauma for over 33 years. I was part of the Violence Prevention Coalition for years as a community member and was in the first group in the county trained in prevention of sexual abuse for children.  I was also on the board of Rape Intervention Team and worked for a few years supervising and developing curriculum for group therapy for survivors of both acute sexual trauma, as well as early childhood abuse. As I have learned more about neurobiology and applying skills in trauma, I have gotten both more energized, but also more effective. 


I have been putting this training together in my mind for years as questions come up in supervison and consultation with both new and seasoned therapists. This training is the culmination of it and it is very exciting for me. 


I hope you join me! 


Ruby Jo

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"Ruby Jo presents with competence, love, and sincerity. I continue to be impressed by her wealth of knowledge."

– Emily Riggs, BS, student at CSU Masters’ of Social Work;
Community Resource Specialist at Axis Health System, Durango, CO


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